Are you experiencing some kind of overwhelming change? Maybe, a change in yourself, your health, a life role, a relationship, your family, in your professional world or in your environment. What you are experiencing is actually an opportunity to foster strength and growth. No matter where you are starting from, change is possible.

Maybe I am the right fit to help. Please explore my website to get a better sense of who I am as a Psychotherapist and how I work.

 I offer a complementary 20 minute consultation to determine if we are a good fit going forward and to answer any of your initial questions. Please feel free to contact me to schedule an initial consultation or book a session. 

Curious about how I work?

Kara Pierson with her dog, Zeebo.

Connecting with you is a priority

 My counselling/psychotherapy style enhances our therapeutic connection. This is a priority for me since our relationship is a powerful part of you achieving any positive change.  Rooted in collaboration, authenticity and support, I will encourage you to slow down, explore and challenge existing beliefs and unhealthy habits. Together, we will build upon your strengths, uncover what lies beneath your challenges and find practical solutions.

walking alone, lonely

Experiencing overwhelming change can be tough

I work with clients who are dealing with some challenging life change that is creating stress, anxiety, depression, confusion, disconnect, anger, fear, loneliness, sadness, self-doubt, lack of motivation or unhealthy coping. It can be anything that is overwhelming or pushing you to let go of the familiar (a loss). It leaves you with a feeling of vulnerability in your present life and as you face the future. 


Why I practice the way I do

I choose to integrate creativity, coaching and various talk therapies into my way of counselling. This allows me to best meet your needs, wants and personality and take a flexible and holistic approach. Feeling curious, more empowered and accepting, you will be able to identify a realistic way forward and take steps towards lasting emotional and relational change. Yes, therapy is hard work but I believe it can also be fun, hopeful and empowering.