Creative counselling approaches to healing, growth & reaching goals

I bring creativity & life coaching skills to my therapy practice to meet you where you are at

Bowmanville- based short-term & long-term therapy for  

adolescents/teens + adults + couples/relationships 


I choose to integrate creativity and life coaching skills into my therapy practice so that I can best meet your needs, wants and personality and take a flexible and holistic approach. Together, we will identify your strengths, uncover what lies beneath your challenges and find practical solutions.

I specialize in counselling clients who are experiencing some life transition that is causing stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, loneliness, sadness, self-doubt or unhealthy coping. It can be anything that is pushing you to let go of the familiar- a new stage of life, a new life role, work or school changes, a worrying health concern, loss of a loved one, developmental changes or changes in a relationship or family dynamics.

Rooted in collaboration, authenticity and support, I will encourage you to slow down, explore, and challenge existing beliefs and unhealthy habits. Feeling more empowered and accepting, you will be able to identify a realistic way forward and take steps towards lasting emotional and relational change. 

It may be tough to see right now, but what you are experiencing is actually an opportunity for growth- whether that be emotional healing, learning new coping strategies or achieving specific personal or professional goals. 


You are the expert of your own experiences

You have strengths to build upon

You have the potential to change if you are ready & open to it