Customized counselling services

Tweens & Teens

tweens, teens, adolescents

The tween (10-12) and teen years (13- 19) can bring confusion, self-doubt, anxiety, stress and social challenges. But also growth and opportunity. Helping this age group build their resilience is key. I also understand it is absolutely necessary to meet them where they are, be approachable and appreciate their interests, concerns and strengths. 

I believe parents need to understand the process and challenges to establish a trusting relationship and provide the best support to their child. Confidentiality is important to this age group so during the process, the parent(s) can be brought into some sessions but only with the permission of the client.  


young adults, adults, women

I work with adults of all ages. Individual counselling gives you the time and space to decide what you want to work on. I work with individuals experiencing a range of issues but my focus tends to be on tough life events and the stuff that comes up as a result.

 The process can help you understand the experience, your feelings and losses. It can help you see how your experience is changing your relationships. It can help you access and build upon your strengths, gain acceptance and ways of coping and discover a new sense of self.  

 I work with both men and women but I have a special interest and experience in working on women's issues. 


couples, marriage and relationship counselling, pre-marital, divorce, separation

No doubt about it- relationships are hard work. There can be miscommunication, complacency, resentment, anger, recurring conflict, feelings of disconnect, or infidelity- just to name a few. 

Counselling may involve addressing communication issues or learning to make different choices to deal with stress. It may involve exploring and shifting deeper, weightier issues that have become fossilized. Together we will decide what is needed and the best way forward. 

Counselling begins with both partners but during the process, it may be necessary to meet with each partner individually at times. Working with couples is done in-person. 

You deserve a personal approach that recognizes your strengths & capabilities to overcome adversity

Meeting you where you are

What I can help you with

Collaborating with you

  • Feeling overwhelmed: stressed/burnt out, anxiety/panic attacks, difficulty self-regulating, depression or anger 
  • Feeling stuck: experiencing a lack of purpose/meaning/direction, feeling confused, poor motivation
  • Feeling lost: low self-esteem, self-sabotage, procrastination, a disconnect from others, wanting to be your true self
  • Relationship issues: getting married,/newly coupled, poor communication, lack of intimacy, conflict, break -up, loneliness, being single 
  • Stressful family events: divorce, blended, adoptive, having a child 
  • Unhealthy substance use to cope with the event
  • Loss: a loved one (including your furry friend), relationship, identity, safety, autonomy, dreams, pregnancy loss
  • Struggling with a new life role: new parent, partner, newly single, empty-nester, retiree, caregiver
  • Experiencing a health change: the emotional impact of chronic illness, diagnosis, aging, sexuality changes
  • Transitional tween/teen issues: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger & aggression, grief/loss, social & academic pressure, self-image/identity, gaining independence, planning for the future
  • Personal exploration and development

We will identify the process that best serves you

customized counselling approach

  • Referral- No referral is needed for counselling.
  • Location- Working out of my office in Bowmanville, I work with clients in the area. I also offer on-line sessions for those who cannot make it to my office.
  • Scheduling- I hold in-person sessions during the day and evenings on Monday through Thursday and during the day on Friday. I may be able to accommodate occasional sessions outside of this time frame. We can talk about what works best for both of us.
  • Timing- Individual therapy sessions are typically 55 minutes and couples sessions are 80 minutes. There is flexibility in scheduling longer sessions. Sessions are spaced out to meet your needs and can be adjusted throughout the counselling process. 
  • Fees & taxes- $120 per session for individuals and $150 per session for couples (plus HST). A sliding scale may be possible when discussed ahead of time. HST is fully recoverable for those clients with a business number charging HST and claiming it as professional development.
  • Insurance - Check with your provider to see if you have coverage for Registered Psychotherapists (qualifying). If you are self-employed you may be able to deduct session costs as a medical expense or professional development,You might want to check that as well.