Counselling and Therapy Services

Personalized counselling


I will guide, encourage and support you to process and better deal with the difficult life change you are experiencing as well as any accompanying emotional and coping issues.

Working out of my office in Bowmanville, I work with clients in the area but also offer on-line sessions for those who cannot make it to my office.

Individual therapy sessions are typically 55 minutes and couples sessions are 80 minutes. There is flexibility in scheduling longer sessions when needed and appropriate. Sessions are spaced out to meet your needs and can be adjusted throughout the counselling process. if you are open to it, there is also opportunity to do work between sessions that reinforces growth.

  • Adolescent/teen counselling: Parent/guardian will be brought into some sessions with the permission of the adolescent client.

  • Counselling adults individually: I work with all ages and I have a special interest and experience in working on women's transitional issues.

  • Couples/relationship counselling: Counselling will begin with both partners but during the counselling process, it may be necessary to meet with each partner individually at times. Working with couples tends to be done in-person.

My specializations


  • Feeling overwhelmed: Stressed/burnt out, anxiety/panic attacks, depression or anger related to your job, school, relationships or life in general
  • Feeling stuck: Experiencing a lack of purpose/direction, feeling confused, having difficulty with specific problems (career/job search, making new friends, choosing the right school/major)
  • Unhealthy substance use as a way of coping with change and issues
  • Relationship changes/issues: Poor communication, lack of intimacy, conflict, break -up, loneliness 
  • Coping with changes to family dynamics: Divorce, blended, adoptive, 
  • Transitional aged adolescents: Behaviour and emotional issues, lack of motivation, defiant behaviour, gaining independence, bullying
  • Processing grief/loss of a loved one (including your pet)
  • Experiencing a new role in life: A new parent, partner, newly single, empty-nester, retiree, caregiver
  • Coping with emotional impact of physical health concerns, chronic illness, diagnosis, aging
  • Not reaching your full potential: Low self-esteem/self- compassion, self-sabotage, procrastination, inability to make decisions/follow through, difficulty self-regulating, lack of goals, poor self-care