Professional Counselling

Offering ethical and professional counselling as a Registered Psychotherapist (Q) is a priority for me at all times. Maintaining privacy and confidentiality and ensuring you feel safe and comfortable with me and in the space is imperative in my work and in our therapeutic relationship. A user-friendly and secure  platform is also used to ensure confidentiality when working together on-line. We will discuss ethical issues in our initial session and revisit this during the counselling process when needed. 

Any information that you share in session will be kept confidential and I will not share it without your consent unless I am required to do so by law. These exceptions are: 

  • You tell me about an incident of child or elder abuse. 
  • You tell me about sexual abuse by a health care professional.
  • The court orders a release of your records.
  • I will also discuss client cases anonymously with my Supervisor and colleagues as part of my professional development and learning and being accountable to you. 

Your personal information is securely stored and will be held for 10 years following the end of our working relationship.