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My psychotherapy approach

Integrating creativity + life coaching + talk therapy in psychotherapy

Honours your uniqueness and I can respond to your way of learning and reacting

Allows for flexibility so that your growth work can begin from any starting point

Appreciates you as a whole person

Integrates both process/exploration and progress/goals

Can approach the same issue from different perspectives so gives you more choices on how to look at

Has the potential to increase your engagement in counselling


creative counselling

Creativity taps into the different senses and means experiencing.  It can help to address the mind/body link, enhance emotional understanding in a non-intimidating way and can promote presence and awareness. In counselling sessions, it can take different forms: visual arts, writing, working with sand or play doh, music, using photographs or body-movement. I also use the Hakomi method and Qigong when appropriate.  

Life coaching skills

life coaching

Life coaching tends to be more action driven. By using these skills I can help you change perspective, recognize obstacles and, explore your potential. You can set future goals and strategies to get where you want to get to.  Life coaching techniques offer clarity and support taking thoughtful action.  

Talk therapy

talk therapy

Talk therapy helps you dig deep and focus on the long term. Emotional exploration and awareness can help you shift painful feelings, self-destructive patterns and learn realistic coping skills. I draw from such evidence-based talk therapies as: Solutions-focused, CBT, Narrative, Acceptance & Commitment, Dialectical Behavior, Emotionally Focused, Humanistic, Internal Family Systems model and self-compassionate mindfulness-based techniques.