About the Services (in-person & online)


  • Adjusting to a life transition- Inability to cope with a change or loss of structure or routine. Perhaps you cannot move past some negative experience. Struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, sadness, shame, anger, identity issues, guilt, hopelessness, loss of motivation and meaning, stress, interpersonal and physical worries
  • Relationship difficulties concerning communication, trust, intimacy, feelings of isolation, jealousy, intercultural challenges
  • Addictions and compulsions- substance abuse, hoarding, gambling, eating issues, and other behaviours
  • Cultural, spiritual and sexual identity concerns and experiences of acculturation, marginalization and oppression
  • Grief, coping with loss, caregiving- grieving the loss of a loved one (family member, friend, pet) or the end of a relationship (breakup, divorce)
  • Trauma- traumatic experiences including violence, abuse, neglect, accidents, disaster, serious loss 
  • Physical health concerns, chronic illness and aging- addressing the psychological impact such as sadness, grief, depression, stress
  • Unmanageable stress, burnout and compassion fatigue- feeling  stuck, constantly tired, cannot sleep or are you shutting down? Perhaps frustrated, overwhelmed or anger sound familiar.

Transformational ways of working with me

Counselling can be a transformational process when you are ready for positive change. You can explore emotions, attitudes and behaviours at your own pace so you can see yourself differently, heal and enjoy life again. Feeling heard, you can share your difficulties and identify coping strategies with guidance from me in a private, non-judgmental and professional environment. I can help you to connect to your creativity through experiential processes which will allow you to explore and process your feelings and enhance your resilience and wellness. 

Consulting - I offer speaking engagements, workshops and support. Areas of expertise are  Social Emotional Learning and compassion fatigue. See additional consulting services offered through www.bodhiwellbeing.

Coaching- You may want more out of life, to work towards an important goal, get clarity on or shift careers, acclimatize after living abroad, prepare to relocate to a new place, gain guidance as a newcomer to Canada or achieve more wellness in your life. I have worked with people from diverse cultures, lived and worked in many countries and successfully shifted multiple careers. With these experiences to draw from, I can hep you.